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Greenwood said he was Elvis's lover! HA!




Must be 18 years old. Rated "R" for expletives

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After the first issue of the Hollywood "Confidential" Star magazine was published with the Elvis bisexual story, we received a phone call (taped) from Earl Greenwood, who at the time was employed at Paramount Studios. He said our story was true, but that he had been Elvis's lover. This is his story as we printed it.

The caller said he had read our story on Elvis Presley and Nick Adams' sexual affairs. He said, "I found the story accurate except Nick Adams wasn't Elvis's lover. It was somebody else." It turns out that the "someone else" was the telephone caller. It came rather slowly since we had gone off on tangents reminiscing about Elvis. Eventually, I got a first name and learned the caller had sold some photos, along with a story, to Photoplay Magazine, which ran in two issues. Of course there was no mention of Elvis's homosexuality in the story and Photoplay's west coast editor said, "they wouldn't have printed it, even if they had known about it. Photoplay just isn't that kind of publication," she said.

I took a few notes from the caller who told of alleged incidents that took place at Fort Hood where Elvis was stationed at one time, during his Army stint. The caller stated that Elvis had groped him in front of several servicemen. This had embarrassed him and he ran away with Elvis soon in pursuit. (Dakota: Isn't this also a thing some straight guys do, grabbing at another guy's crotch? It's sort of like snapping a towel at a bare ass in the locker room. Just horseplay). Elvis is then quoted as saying, "don't ever leave me again." Elvis is alleged to have driven back and not a word was spoken between the two. (There was also a mention that Elvis had two bodyguards with him).

I explained that the Elvis story, in our first issue, was true in content because I had been Nick's former secretary in 1957. He then said that Confidential Magazine, before its demise, had taken a photo of Elvis kissing Earl before leaving on a trip. I haven't seen the photo nor had I heard of it, but a few people I talked to, including a radio personality, said they recalled it.

Earl also mentioned that Ms. Minnie was also at Fort Hood, and until the mentioning of her name, I had never heard of her. (Was she Elvis's cook?) There are a lot of things Earl mentions that are credible but evidently some other people don't think so. He was canceled from the A.M. LOS ANGELES SHOW because they didn't believe he even knew Elvis. A spokesman for the show said, "we just don't believe him." Earl was also scheduled for a bit on A.M. AMERICA. A camera crew came to Los Angeles to film a picture of a car Elvis is alleged to have given to Earl. That too, was canceled, after the expense of sending cameramen to take pictures.

Earl said he had made a porno film with Elvis! I asked him where it was and he said, "Graceland." This was a few days before Vernon Presley passed away. Earl said he was planning on going there, to see if he could get the film back. I told him it would be worth a million dollars if he could get it. Earl said he was worried about his mother finding out. I told him to take the money and forget about his mother. He said he also had a home movie he had taken of Elvis but sold it to a motion picture company that was compiling a bunch of Elvis home movies (amateur movies) for a possible movie.

When I contacted the west coast editor of Photoplay to inform her of Earl's story, the editor said Earl had not mentioned anything about Elvis's alleged homosexual affair. "Why would we want to reveal such a thing anyway?" I said that I thought he wanted to write a book.

I had Earl's phone number from the first time he called. I taped his call. He said he had been to Memphis, after Vernon died, and he learned there were nude photos of Elvis around, but they would cost a fortune. I asked him who had the photos and he said a friend of his. He was evasive as to the asking price or even giving me the name of the person. He was "unable to find the alleged porno film" he had mentioned during our prior conversation. He said he would give me the homosexual story but only if I headlined it as a cover story. I told him we already headlined Elvis's homosexuality, or bisexuality, in our first issue and couldn't do a second one. Then he threw me a curve. He said he, "didn't have any pictures of Elvis nude, but he could supply me with a nude of himself and I could superimpose Elvis's face on his nude body! And through air-brushing and other photo tricks, make it look like they were nude together."

I told him he had the wrong magazine. The National Enquirer was notorious for that sort of thing. I said I wouldn't be a part of it. He told me to think it over. Well, there isn't any thinking to do. It's not my cup of tea. If I have to make-up stories or doctor photos to sell a magazine, I'll quit first. (Dakota: Today there are hundreds of doctored up celebrity nude photos on the Internet).

OH, THERE IS A LOT MORE ON GREENWOOD. He told the Elvis story his way. Years later he wrote and had gotten published, a book on Elvis, titled "The Boy Who Would Be King."

I guess you could call me a bookworm. I buy too many books. I probably have seventy or eighty I haven't even cracked open yet. I buy some on sale and they are all pertaining to celebrities I want to read about. Today when I buy a book, I don't put it down until I read it all. Well, at least I try to do this. So, when I was preparing the story on Greenwood, for this book, the name sounded familiar, other than the story we did on him. So, I perused "The Boy Who Would Be King," and discovered it was Earl Greenwood, whom I had talked to and taped. I quickly skimmed the book to see if he had included his, so called Elvis Presley lover story.

The book starts out by stating....regarding Elvis: "Too often, I'm afraid what has been written is full of half truths, supposition, or out of falsehoods. I've got copies of his autopsy reports and have talked to many doctors who saw his body. Up until now, no one has accused me of trying to capitalize on Elvis, although I'm sure that will come. I hope my honesty doesn't hurt or offend anyone. It is not my intention to hurt anybody, especially not Elvis. He'd be the last one I would betray, in any way. While I refuse to believe people only want to read sensational, negative things about celebrities, I also realize they don't want to be lied to either. My "cousin" wasn't an angel."

This bullshit artist states he is Elvis's second cousin, something he never mentioned on my taped conversation with him. The book is, supposedly, about Elvis's roots, from his birth to his death. The book was published at least ten years after our story on Greenwood. In regards to his family history, (the relative's memories of Elvis), Greenwood says, "most of those who agreed to help did so on the condition I not name them, like, "I'll tell you Earl, because you're family, but don't go using my name." To me this sounds like the route he took when he told me he had a love affair with Elvis, and the so called pornographic and nude pictures of Elvis, he claimed to have access to, then confessing they never existed.

If Greenwood is a second cousin to Elvis, maybe a lot of the book is true. But some things sound fishy to me. He tells tales of Elvis and him having sex with numerous girls at the same time. Well, it's sort of history, from Vester Presley, The Colonel and Elvis himself, that Elvis was not supposed to be involved with girls sexually, because of legal problems that could arise later, like black mail payoffs to keep them quiet. Elvis wasn't a virgin, that's for sure and perhaps he did have relations with some of the actresses he knew. But they weren't the female money grabbers who would try to expose him for monetary reasons. Vester said "there had been" a couple of payoffs to women who claimed he got them pregnant. Vester told me the Colonel paid them off, just to get rid of them.

I cannot believe the sexual things Greenwood claims to have happened with Elvis and numerous girls, especially in the light of my previous experience with Greenwood. He does mention Nick Adams as being Elvis's friend. "Among the many admirers among fellow actors and performers who would often seek to meet him backstage or at Graceland, was Nick Adams. Nick was the star of "The Rebel" TV series and Elvis was impressed Nick had sought him out. (Dakota: It was Elvis who sought out Nick when Elvis arrived in Hollywood). Elvis was familiar with the show because he loved to sing the theme song and mimic Johnny cash,

"Johnny Yuma, was the Rebel,
He rode through the west.
Yes, Johnny Yuma was the Rebel...."

Well, I worked for Nick in 1957 and he had been Elvis's friend at that particular time. "The Rebel" started around 1959, or 1960. Elvis wouldn't have known Nick from the TV show, like Greenwood states. He had met Nick a couple of years before.

Greenwood further states: "Adams and Elvis hit it off and Nick was a persistent friend. He called and wrote regularly and flew to stay at Graceland a couple of times. He and Elvis would go motorcycle riding late at night and stay up 'til all hours talking about the pain "Elvis flew" to Hollywood, he made sure Nick knew and Nick became a regular at whatever place Elvis was renting. (Dakota: In my conversation with Vernon Presley at Graceland, he said Elvis always drove to Hollywood and didn't want to fly. He was afraid to fly, but later he bought a Jet which he named Lisa Marie and overcame his fear of flying). Elvis still hated sleeping alone and he grew close enough to Nick to ask him to stay over on nights he was feeling particularly blue but not up to a sexual confrontation with a woman. (Dakota: Wasn't Elvis married to Priscilla when he lived in Bel-Air? Or for that matter, in any home he lived in at that time.

Elvis was staying at the Knickerbocker Hotel when I met him in 1957, while he was filming "Loving You," but he wasn't married at that time). Greenwood further states, "Although Elvis still enjoyed sleeping with two or more women, he seldom did anymore, because he found it difficult to achieve more than one erection at night, and maintaining it once he had it, wasn't easy either. Besides just getting older, the pills he took most certainly affected his performance in bed and he was ever sensitive of ridicule from his dates. (Dakota: I'm not a drug user, but aren't there drugs that make you horny all the time, like crystal meth? or even bennies in those days)

Greenwood states: "A few years later, in 1968, when it had been a long while since anyone remembered hearing from Nick, a phone call came with the news he had died in his Coldwater Canyon home from an apparent overdose. Elvis's immediate reaction was to sit on the steps, frozen and mute, then his eyes swelled with tears and his body shook, as he rocked himself back and forth, arms clutching his sides." (Dakota: Nick was married with two kids when he died. This was a reason he hadn't been able to run with Elvis, who was also married at that time. If a phone call came in right after Nick died, how was it that they said it was an apparent overdose? The Coroner's office would have to autopsy his body and the results would take two to three weeks for a conclusion as to how he died, or what he died from. Also, was Greenwood there at that particular time to see Elvis's reaction to the news of Nicks death or was he trying to write and show a sensitive side of Elvis?)

"Elvis was devastated and suffered through it for days. He sequestered himself upstairs and could be heard crying through the closed door. Elvis came into his office, where I was organizing mail and photos, wanting company. Everyone else was asleep and Elvis looked in need of some himself. He admitted he felt better after taking some tranquilizers, which explained the ever-so-slight slur to his speech. He said in a daze, unable to come to grips with Nick's death. 'I should have been a better friend to Nick, I let him down. I didn't know he was so unhappy. Maybe if I'd of talked to ...'im I coulda stopped him. I jus' had no idea.' "Elvis's voice cracked as guilt held his heart in a vise. He felt responsible for sending Nick off the deep end and was punishing himself for it. Elvis talked about how close they had become, especially after a couple of "foursomes" and admitted he had spurned Nick's friendship later, saying he had needed room to breathe, because Nick wanted too much, ya know? But, he never confessed directly the extent of their involvement, although when some pointed comments were made about the two of them, years later, by a disgruntled hand, Elvis had just fired, instead of punching his lights out, which we all expected, Elvis just got a pained look in is face and just walked away. Regardless of any intimacies, Nick didn't kill himself over Elvis. Elvis beat himself over Nick's death for days."

Remembering that Nick's last years was in Japan, filming some Godzilla movies, and he was dating a Japanese girl and this was the basis for his divorce from Carol. This is why he hadn't seen Elvis in a long time. Yes, Nick died in Hollywood, but Elvis had Priscilla and was filming motion pictures. Any dalliances that they may have had, would have been years before, when they were both young and single. Separating fact from fiction in his book is hard to do. I only cited a few discrepancies I know of. I hope the other stories in his book on Elvis, are true. Like James Dean, too many people are making up stories about him. I stand by our original story.

Greenwood said he had seen Elvis's autopsy reports. Believe me, if he had access to them, they would have been published in his book. Geraldo Rivera couldn't even get them released.

As a side bit here, Nick gave me a white shirt Elvis had left at Nick's home. I gave it to my sister, Phyllis,...who doesn't remember what happened to it! Mercy, mercy me!


(link:the-gossip-columnist-41.blogspot.com) Nick Adams and Natalie Wood at Graceland.


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    HI, I just read your piece from 2009 about Earl Greenwood. I met him in 1995. He befriended my younger brother, who was only 16 or 17 at the time. I had a lot of suspicions about his tall tales. He passed away about 8 months after we met him. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about your interaction with him?


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